FIFTY-SEVEN…dreaming of the future

Last night I was checking on the girls after we put them to bed…they were being unusually quiet.

When I walked in, Phoebe was playing with her little stuffed grey kitty and Abby was busy packing a small decorative suitcase. When I asked Abby what she was doing she said, “I am packing a suitcase for when we go camping.” She then went on to explain what each item was and how it was important for our trip. The last item she came to was this little stuffed doll that actually belongs to Cecilia, but she never gets to play with it because her older sister always has it. When she came to the doll she first said, “my little doll” and then took the time to correct herself with, “Ceci’s doll, that I am borrowing”.

It was so amazing to see her go over each little detail with such care, concern and thoughtfulness.

THEN later in the evening I ran across an older photo book I made online for Abby’s first year of life…flipped through it and lo-and-behold, there was my little Turtles’ twin sister. Ceci looks exactly like Abby as a baby. I landed on a page/picture of Abby doing exactly what Cecilia does with her mouth. Amazing. I love it. This positive growth everyone is making…gives me the willies!!!

Greg and I sometimes joke or dream about scenarios in the future concerning the girls. One of my favorites is the time we were trying to associate our girls with the types of automobiles they were going to have…

Abby will be a Mazda Miata – a blue one. We can see her zipping around town, driving to the beach with her surf board crammed in the back and her friend, Ava crammed in the front listening to whatever strange music they will have 11 years from now.

Phoebe June will most likely drive a Volkswagen Passat…I wanted to put her in a four door Jeep Wrangler, but she will be way too practical for that nonsense. We see her driving to school with muffins made from scratch, by her, in the front seat. She will be working on her latest Home Economics assignment and can’t wait to discover the amazing things one can do with flour.

Ceci and I will have pink Vespa’s with baskets on the front and cool matching helmets. I will be scared out of my mind as I get on my iron horse, but Ceci will own her iron horse. As we are driving down the road, she is annoyed she has to wait for me because I am shaking and screaming the whole way. I see us making our way to the Fresh Market where Ceci wants to pick up something special for Phoebe (she is very thoughtful), then it’s to the surf shop for Abby…and then to the camera store for her special new camera toy. I have this feeling she will be interested in Photography and want to help me around my studio. But she will probably be a better photographer than I am and most likely won’t be afraid to start her own business.

In conclusion, Gregory Kenneth thinks Abby will probably move out-of-state with her Veterinary business, Phoebe will move to Miami where she will open up her own version of Panera Bread and will coax Cecilia into moving in with her and helping her man the cafe/restaurant…and in the process Ceci will work on getting her Photography seen, submitting her work to various galleries.

And there you have it. All of their lives are all planned out.

Glad that’s done.

Accept I just realized I only covered their twenty’s. Great!

The pictures above concern me…but that is for another day

7 thoughts on “FIFTY-SEVEN…dreaming of the future

  1. We swore Ben would drive one of those awful monster trucks because he loved them so much when he was little. He’s bought himself a ’99 Dodge Ram 1500. Besides the fact it’s the only vehicle in which his 6’6″ frame fits, it’s the closest thing to that monster truck of his three year old dreams that’s street legal. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  2. Oh man glad I’m not the only one who’s got their kids’ lives completely planned out haha. I haven’t decided what car he’s going to drive (yet) but I already know how he’s going to look, what career he’ll have, and even how his house is going to look lol. I seriously need to write this down and compare 25 years later to see just how accurate I was 😉

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