FIFTY-SIX…the perfect day

It’s Saturday

kind of cloudy, warm and perfectly dreary outside

My little turtle is down for an afternoon nap

phoebe is napping

Abby is at the neighbors playing

Greg is napping on the couch

and then there’s me…refreshed from a quick 30 minute shut-eye during Miss Turtles feeding.

I have always dreamed of these kinds of days where just stay inside and have the tv on in the background, we are grilling out, having beers (just the adults of course), chit-chatting with one another and we just exist while enjoying each others company.

Of course, I wouldn’t want to do that everyday…when the weekend comes I always want to spend it with the family doing something fun and creating memories. But there are those days like today where we just hang and stay close to home.

Since being an adult…with a family, kids, and all of those fun adult responsibilities I don’t really know if I have ever felt like any home we have lived in was ‘home’ for me. I have always felt where ever my family is, is home. But the older I get, the more kids we have, the more stuff we accumulate…I have been searching (silently) for a place I can call home…and really mean it.

This sure feels like home to me. If this isn’t it, we are definitely on the right track…

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