FIFTY-FIVE…my little turtle

I would like to preface this post by giving props to the band Two Door Cinema Club and their song, ‘something good can work’….makes me wanna dance like I haven’t changed 6 poopy diapers…like I haven’t swept/mopped my kitchen, dining room, living room and…like I am not dog tired at 9 o’clock sharp!!! I turn on the music and find my 3rd wind of the day.

Gotta love that about music! No matter how tired I am, no matter how ‘stressed’ out I am, no matter upset I am, music always turns me around! Of course it depends on the music. My mellow tuned lyrical alternative tunes help me float back down to earth again and luckily I escape another day of ‘almost locking myself in the bathroom.’


When I was in undergrad (I was studying to become a classical stage actress), one of the many tricks of the trade I learned and perhaps found to be the most helpful to me personally in terms of getting to know my character, was to associate my character with an animal. For example, the personality of a snake, the way a snake moves, the slyness and coyness with which it plays with its prey was a ‘guide’ as to how I was going to play the part. As opposed to a sweet little affectionate puppy, who is naive, fun, full of energy and in constant ‘need’ of physical affection. Two very different but equally descriptive and defining traits. Plus I love learning about animals.

As Greggy and I sat down this evening we were flipping through Netflix and found a documentary on the loggerhead turtle. I was all about it. I love turtles! I always have. they are such majestic creatures. We were 5 minutes in to the movie and I thought this baby girl turtle and all the struggles she had to go through in the beginning…kind of reminded me of my little Ceci. The more I watched, the more I was convinced.

Cecilia is my little turtle.

We get so excited for her when she meets a milestone. She is now 8 months soon-to-be 9 months and we are working on helping her develop her core muscles to help her sit up on her own. She works very hard. It is a commitment. Everyday we work on her core muscles while Phoebe is napping. We bought one of those peanut balls for her to practice her core strengthening exercises per the suggestion of both her old PT Beth and OT Beth. We miss you girls…along with everyone else! We are scheduled for OT, ST, and PT. Any day now we should be starting. Everyday she gets a little better and stronger. But we are not quite there just yet.

It really is sweeter this time around. She works so hard to achieve a milestone that might come easy to a typically developing infant. I am so proud of her. Just like the loggerhead turtle as a baby has to struggle to run from the sand to the water in order to assure her survival from the crab. Unfortunately not all turtles survive in the first 2 hours after birth. Along the turtle’s journey, there are many obstacles in her way. Obstacles she has to confront and hurdles she must over come to make her way and fulfill her ‘destiny’.

But the turtle is so important to the sea and the land. The turtle is an important step in the ecosystem with her consumption and thus regulation of algae. I feel they have an intrinsic value all their own, both for their beauty and for their place in the web of life. The mere fact that they exist, that they co-evolved with the species that they prey upon, and that prey upon them, is sufficient evidence that they are a necessary part of a healthy ecosystem. And I will say again, I think they are majestic, peaceful and represent (at least to me) a calmer side of life.

All this talk of turtles and listening to Kings of Leon, turns my attention to my little turtle…who like the loggerhead turtle, is majestic, beautiful and filled with purpose and determination. Purpose….not porpous. My little turtle is filled with purpose.

Ugh…I am having a moment. Gratitude. Again, I am in it.

So now I have to think about how I will associate animals with my other little people. I have the most fun when I play around with themes!!! fun times!

Hello Friday!!!

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  1. I LOVE this blog, Angie (about the turtle and Cecilia). And, I am so thankful for awesome, new neighbors ! xox

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