FIFTY-FOUR…frogs and buffalos

We recently made a trip to the beach so the

1. girls could play

2. Greg could surf

3. and I could take some pictures!!!

It was a win/win/win for everyone!Greggy, rocking his new 9 ft. toy. He’s looking good.

CC loves her time at the beach…as long as no-one is kicking sand in her eyes…hahumm Phoebe!!!

and on a random note…looks like I have been neglecting a corner of my house as far as cleaning goes…SHOCK!!

We found this little guy just hangin ’round the house. And when I say ‘we’ I really mean Bear. Our sweet 8-year-old Golden Retriever who never barks, was standing with his nose in a corner barking at 6 am. I knew something was up. I was almost afraid to look, but curiosity got the better of me.

His name was Fred. Fred was tangled in my hair and some major dust buffalos. Poor guy. I tried to remove the excess baggage, but I scared him…he eventually hoped out of our house. We miss Fred and the excitement he brought to everyone just with his mere existence. Have a good life Fred! Sorry my house wasn’t clean enough for you!!!

What a whirlwind this past month has been. We have experienced a lot of changes. It seems as if we are beginning to come up for air. Except now I want all new furniture.

I have met some new friends and already had a play-date at our frog infested, dust buffalo’s abode. Just kidding about the frog infested part…it was just Fred alone. Frog infestation sounded funny…so I went with it. I wasn’t kidding about the dust buffalos. They are EVERYWHERE!!

3 thoughts on “FIFTY-FOUR…frogs and buffalos

  1. We have a little froggy too who come visit at night near the kitchen window. I named him “Jorge”…I don’t know where that came from, but it stuck LOL and the kids say “Hey Juan is here…” and the sandhill cranes with the bay…I named them “Harry & Sally” LOL

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