FIFTY-THREE…the things we do for love

Marriage is an amazing thing.

I once heard someone say, ‘if you can’t be friends with your spouse, your marriage probably won’t work’. I butchered it a bit, but you get the gist. I genuinely enjoy Greg as a person and find I am learning new things about him all the time. I honestly feel 8 years of marriage has led to a feeling of deep respect and a profound emotional connection, among many other aspects of our union.

That is why, Sunday, April 1, 2012

Greg and I along with the kids, spent our 8th year anniversary…(drum roll please)

at the amazing, beautiful, romantic and amazingly landscaped

Digital Domain Ball Field

That’s right folks, we went to see Mets vs. Tigers

I know girls…EAT YOUR HEART OUT….

we sat on the extreme hill shown below

the hill really was much steeper than the above picture conveys

Greg’s favorite Tigers player Prince Fielder #28 hit a home run right over our heads

I know it was a true surreal moment for Greg. He was super happy…which in turn made me happy.

I would have loved to watch the game, but I was preoccupied with our inmates. I noticed everyone seemed a little tired and cranky. Maybe it was due to the 89 degree heat and the sweat dripping off their little bodies. 45 minutes after we arrived, they were acting delirious.  Cracker jacks, water and Gatorade were not the bribes we hoped they’d be.

We officially knew it was time to go when we had to pick our middle child up off the ground AFTER she rolled down the extreme hill only to be stopped by the fence at the bottom. Otherwise, I guess she would have kept rolling on. 
I feel Cecilia’s expression in the picture below shows a disapproving attitude towards her parents and the way they chose to celebrate their 8 year union. We tried to make it up to her and the kids by driving downtown for a fresh seafood dinner (which also ended when Phoebe screamed at the top of her lungs because Abby got the meal, she wanted). We even went through a couple of furniture stores (that was my idea!!!). For some reason furniture shopping didn’t make them happy. Go figure. It sure did wonders for me! All in all, I know the inmates weren’t happy, but Greg and I had a fun day date.

This is a heads up to our parents though, whomever visits first, we plan on a wild night out on the town to celebrate Greg and Angie style!!! Beware!!

Oh, the things we do for love!!!

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