FIFTY-ONE…out and about

Our Asylum is very different these days…

I don’t know how it is for other people raising kids ages 5 and under, but when my little inmates get to venture outside, everything is better. They listen better. Play better. Behave better. All around, they are more enjoyable to be around. Since making the move, we have been outside as much as possible during waking hours. I cannot believe the difference in attitude and behavior in everyone.

Sweet Phoebe June…she cannot contain her excitement when it’s time to go outside. Exhibit A:

it’s all in the hands…all of her energy preparing to EXPLODE!

I know what she is thinking…’What am I going to do first…smell the flowers, yank out the nicely planted roses in our neighbors garden, pull Bears tail, run, give hugs and kisses, lay in the grass…’

Visiting the Beach has become our favorite afternoon activity

In a rare moment, Phoebe acknowledged and initiated play with Cecilia. Ceci was ecstatic her big sister wanted to play with her.Unfortunately Phoebe didn’t get the memo about sharing the toys with Ceci…

Poor Ceci desperately trying to reach out and grab her toys

Eventually Ceci did win with a little help from her Momma…notice the toys on the lap

And we are officially inserting ourselves into the community by being the dutiful little joiners. We became members of the Oceanographic Center where Abby named all of the marine life ‘Ellie’…Ellie the Octopus, Ellie the Sting Ray, Ellie the Shark, Ellie the Crab and of course Ellie the Starfish. I think she misses her sweet cousin Ellie. She asks me everyday if we can visit Ellie the Sting Ray.

Maybe tomorrow.

Life is sweet right now. 

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