FIFTY…reality rocks

You know those moments when you’ve dreamed about something you want, so you research it, make a decision and eventually go for it…all the while hoping it’s everything you want it to be?

what about those moments when the dream you’ve been dreaming doesn’t even compare to reality? How many times does that happen in a lifetime?

We are so having that moment right now.

We arrived at our new humble abode last Saturday morning.

While Greg was unloading the Uhaul, we watched as kids were playing in neighboring yards, families were getting ready for parties and the sun was blaring down on us in 70 degree weather.

My dream has become reality

But I will say, in my dream I did have internet connection…in reality, not so much.

¬†Hopefully sometime this week the Internet Gods will smile upon us so that we can carry on with our non-primitive lifestyle…

3 thoughts on “FIFTY…reality rocks

    • YEAH!!! SSM! Great to hear from you neighbor. I feel like we’re neighbors anyway…I have been missing your posts all week!! Can’t wait to catch up on some reading! And thanks for the prayers, looks like they worked. 30 minutes after we loaded absolutely everything in from the Uhaul, a monsoon hit! Thanks for helping us out!!!

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