FORTY-NINE…the countdown has begun

3 days

72 hours

4,320 minutes

259,200 seconds

we will be gassing up, shoving in, eating out and scooting down the road!!!


Did I mention how excited I am???

AND on a side note…

Do Kings of Leon ever do anything wrong? Everytime Kings of Leon comes out with a new song/album, I pee my pants a little cause I am so freakin’ EXCITED! I listen to them as I am blogging or editing pictures and inside I want to dance, my fingers can’t stay still, my hair lifts off my head (I swear it feels like it’s taking flight), my feet want to go for a midnight run, my brain begins to work…for the first time today…and unfortunately it’s almost 10 pm.

I am in it. When I am cooking dinner, I am blasting the kitchen with Beach Fossils or Kings of Leon and having my own shagalicious dance partay! Greg does not like them as a band, but this is one thing I will hide from him. I will purchase every Kings of Leon album on iTunes and listen to it over and over until I have gotten my fix.

Oh my…

 Get that baby to bed!!!

I will say, I will miss my friends and family terribly, I cannot contain my inner joy and enthusiasm for what is about to come our way!!! Oh my….how am I ever going to get to sleep??? The days seem to be going so S.L.O.W!!!!!!!

3 days

72 hours

4,320 minutes

259,200 seconds

We are going to be smelling that wet salty air…


Man I love change!!!

Now that’s just sad. Bye bye yellow footed pajamas…you will be remembered fondly!

3 thoughts on “FORTY-NINE…the countdown has begun

  1. Kings of Leon rock!! I can think of no better way to fuel your adrenaline for the surge forth. I am so excited for you and your family, and am praying….

    Oh, keep the jammies – that hole is such an adorable testimony of her growth!

  2. count downs are life telling us that all good things come to those who wait!
    love the post, nice spider web!
    can’t say how much the spranger’s will be missed at our house!
    you know where to find me–let us know when you HIT the road;-)

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