FORTY-EIGHT…we are making our move

I have been posting pictures here and there of my new obsession…

We are packing our little people up and relocating to this…

well not right here per-se

but extremely close!

Oh warm weather, salty air, sunny skies, crazy thunder/lightning storms and warm holidays

I am excited for the change and cannot wait to embrace our new reality

I am feeling irrationally giggly….I am going to break out the biggest freak flag I can find and staple it to my being…and wear it proud

in the meantime

I will continue to pack when time and our little people allow

but really…

…who can pack when this beautiful face is staring you and practically begging for zerberts and tickles on the belly?

oh the flexibility of childhood

By noon two sweet little girls I know, were still in their pajamas

and acting very silly

and of course we leave in two weeks so obviously now is an appropriate time to procrastinate. By 2 pm I declared it a mistrial Monday…

no packing or productivity WHAT-SO-EVER!!!

it ended up being such a warm sunny day

really…who can be productive in this schizophrenic weather?

oh the sweet innocence and beauty of childhood

miss sassy pants

A motion blur photo to remind me how fast time flies and to slow down

A beautiful flower to remind me how fragile life is

A beautiful laughing baby to remind me to stop and cherish life

a colorful flower to remind me of life’s twists and turns

a beautiful 2-year-old wearing rain boots on a sunny day to remind me that we never really know what the next moment holdsand a beautiful 5-year-old who dresses herself in mismatched clothes to remind me of two things:

1. how important it is that I take her seriously when she proudly tells me she picked this outfit out all by herself


2. make plans to run errands in public AFTER I see what she is wearing, just jokes of course…sort of.

The past two weeks have been a balancing act…packing, playing with the little people and making/keeping appointments. I finally had a moment to do something I enjoy…blog and edit pictures.

tomorrow the packing will persevere

3 thoughts on “FORTY-EIGHT…we are making our move

  1. Wow…what a big change!! We are rooting for y’all. Sometimes when life throws you curves, you have to curve with it…and that sometimes takes us on a scary but exciting trajectory. But God always blesses… Congratulations on your decision, your move, your change…keep us posted! I promise the sea air never gets wearisome. Other things may vex us, but a deep whiff of the mist and a long stroll beachcombing with the Lord never fails to help us be still and know that He is God. Blessings to your dear family…praying for your transition.

    • oh yeah..SSM we are making the move. I will say, you are quite influential, hearing about your story and how you decided to make the move…you are right! Life is too short! Thanks for the prayers…think we’re gonna need ’em!

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