FORTY-FIVE…thank you mother nature

I have so much to do today, so naturally I am procrastinating

There are those days where it seems like no matter what I do, I cannot turn my non-productivity around. The universe has other plans for me. I just need to sit and listen. Today, I truly believe the universe wanted me to play with the kids. No organization, no dish washing, no laundering, no straightening, dusting or folding.  That’s a lot of “no’s” in that last sentence.

Seriously though

It’s not as if I didn’t TRY to do the laundry

If I am being completely honest, the past two weeks have been crammed with doctor visits for myself, Abby and Phoebe. But it was sweet Cecilia who suffered the most. It’s been one specialty doctor after another for the past 3 weeks. She was lucky enough to receive good news from all of her appointments and will be doctor free for 3 months. So, when it came time for me to play the dutiful housekeeper role, mother nature had other plans.

“what other plans did mother nature have for you”, you ask?

Why let me tell you…

check out her little hair flip above her right ear...her hair is getting longer!

I bought myself a new fisheye lens

I am incredibly interested in the distortion of images

and mother nature felt it would be a more productive time-consuming task to have a mini photo shoot

So that’s what I did

here we are capturing a moment of pure SASS

if that isn’t SASS, I don’t know what is…

Thank you Mother Nature for gently guiding me to try out my new fisheye lens. It was just as glorious as I had anticipated!

And below, I believe Cecilia and Betty are planning their escape

UGH, Betty and Ceci were caught…

and finally, Ceci tosses Betty off to the side in order to avoid confrontation

Just my interpretation of facial expressions of family members via pictures

She was exhausted last night. She didn’t even want to attempt to eat her mashed pears, she wanted to cut right to the chase and nurse and then pass out. AND pass out she did. Her petite 13 pound body is getting heavier. She is growing.

I laid down with her and before I knew it, I woke up to her breath blasting me in the face. I love that breath! There is nothing sweeter in this world than my babies breath.

I want to thank Mother Nature for encouraging me to procrastinate.

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