FORTY-FOUR…adieu little pink shoe

So here we are

at the park on a brisk February day

I am taking a moment to say goodbye to a sweet little pink shoe that completed AND complemented so many of Abby’s little 2-year-old outfits. Sweet Phoebe was starting to experience the wonder of the Simple pink shoes that were so diverse and complementary.

We went to the park on Tuesday afternoon when we arrived we were all fully dressed. Abby and Phoebe were climbing mini boulders, playing with their animals and exploring this new exciting terrain. I should have known the pink shoes were a no-go for this special occasion. They barely stay on her feet due to the larger size of the shoe in comparison to her feet. But darn-it-all, they are too cute and really completed the outfit.

Abby and I spent 20 minutes looking for the mate to our little pink shoe. We couldn’t devote any more time however, due to Cecilia’s eagerness to get home for her feeding and Phoebe’s unwillingness to cooperate. We left the park with one shoe.

adieu little pink shoe.

you completed more outfits than you could ever possibly know

Thank you for the memories

I send you off to the mysterious Shoe Gods…may you have one more singular shoe to complete your one shoe collection

please take care of our little pink shoe

at least Abby still has her shoes…you’ll have to wait for these little accessories Shoe Gods!!!

Home we went to seek shelter for our exposed toes

Our toes are nice and toasty. Until tomorrow Shoe Gods…I bid you adieu little pink shoe!

1 thought on “FORTY-FOUR…adieu little pink shoe

  1. We lost a shoe like that once…at the Minnesota State Fair. And when I say “we” lost it, I mean Ryan. Is that “Lite Brite”!!!! I can’t wait to get that for our kids….but Teddy still eats everything so we have to wait…..
    Beautiful photos as always, Angie.

    p.s. – go back to the park soon – I bet someone will hang it from a branch when they find it!

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