FORTY-THREE…let those eyes sparkle and shine

Our sweet baby Cecilia Rae is 6 months now

 I remember putting lotion on her little body, putting her little newborn diapers on her little 6 pound 8 ounce frame, holding her little bottom in the palm of my hand and watching her let out her sweet little hunger cries like it was yesterday.

Time flies by.

I was so excited to get a picture of her in mid-yawn and I love how every inch of her body was so involved with such a powerful yawn

There are moments that are beginning to stick out in my mind

 I remember Abby’s complete unconditional love for Ceci the first time she saw her.  I remember how overwhelmed with love I felt when she first fell asleep in my arms and how I knew in that moment, everything was going to be just fine.

 I remember the first time she locked gazes with me when she was nursing (it took two months for her to find focus with the distance between our faces) and the tenderness of the moment made me cry. I remember Greg cuddling her tiny body in his arms, kissing her cheeks and saying he wouldn’t want her any other way. I remember Phoebe kissing Ceci’s little toe and saying, “Hi Ceci”.

Great memories.

of course there are still moments of uncertainty and anxiety

When those moments pop up, I take sweet Ceci in my arms and look into those amazing starry eyes and laugh at myself…she is amazing. I have so many plans for her, she has no idea.

 I love learning new things and love a classroom environment and I am hoping when she is old enough, we can sign up for a fun class together.

basket weaving!!!

We can take French together

 a cooking class

Greggy rolls his eyes at me when I tell him my plans. I know she will have wants and interests of her own and I will encourage her to cultivate anything that interests her…

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the most interesting woman from Traverse City, Michigan. She has 3 children. Her son, Max, has Down syndrome. She told me he is always such a pleasure to be around especially during his teen years. His siblings were not so ‘pleasurable’ during those wonderful years parents love so much. As an example she was telling me his siblings would pound down the stairs grumpy, hungry and  not wanting to talk (you know the drill). Then Max would come down the stairs, kiss his mother and say, “Good morning mom.” Max is working full-time at a fitness center as an assistant to an OT, he works out every day, participates in community events and is attending the local college part-time.

So with that being said, I have been thinking while Abby and Phoebe might want to be away from me as they get older, Cecilia may enjoy being with me. So I have been making plans. I bet Greg wouldn’t mind having a regular fishing buddy or surfing partner other than me. I am thinking manicures, pedicures, hair, shopping and a constant school partner. Greggy would probably enjoy taking classes with us as well. We could be our own version of ‘the three musketeers’

She may want to do her own thing too

You never know

I will support her in all of her endeavors…but until then, I will continue to hang on to my plans just in case…

What ever the future holds, we will make the best of it.

And hopefully it will make the best of us.

For now, we continue to celebrate her little victories

exploring the world of fruits and vegetables

sitting up is right around the corner

She is a happy baby girl and a wonderful baby

These next 6 months are going to pass as quickly as the first 6 did.

My cup runneth over

I’m so proud of her

Let those eyes sparkle and shine little girl!

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