FORTY-TWO…what the h…

so here we are, in February

hanging out at the park

without jackets/hats

running wild through the fields

getting up close and personal

and for others not quite close enough…

On a side note:

 Gregory Kenneth and I went to a movie tonight and the entire time, all I could hear were these little whispers of conversation back and forth from EVERYONE around me

I enjoy escaping from our wonderful asylum to a movie theatre where we can sit back, relax and…yep that’s right, ESCAPE

Why do people feel the need to interject with their witty comments during the film?

I am a firm believer in a strict NO TALKING policy during a film everyone in the room has PAID for. This seems to happen every time we go to a movie. I am over it. I want the whispers and ‘inside jokes’ AND finishing the characters lines in the movie AND throwing out your best guesses as to what the character will do next…to STOP!

I am so glad I got that off my chest…

I am off with promises of an amazing one-of-a-kind weekend!!!


happy weekend to you friends

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