FORTY-ONE…night-time at the asylum

This is my life

It was almost another craptastik day…I will spare you the details but suffice it to say, rain and all, I TRIED my very best to turn things around…

”hey lets play and let mommy take pictures”

ooh yeah…everyone seemed excited

We pumped up some tunes

scattered toys on the bed

and that’s where it began…

…and ended.

It is days like today when Greg and I joke about our house being an asylum

 our lovely children are the inmates and we are the mean wardens

The in-mates were definitely restless today

notice the foot-to-the-head scene going on in the picture below

Inmate #2 was moody and whiney all day

And as you can see from the picture above inmate #3 wasn’t being held 24-7

And in the picture below inmate #1, in the middle is trying out some interesting defiance strategies

five hours after the in-mates went upstairs for bedtime I can laugh about the craziness that was today 

I said I was ready for a change…but it just ain’t comin fast enough

It feels like time is standing still, or as my friend Steph might say…’groundhog day’. I feel like I am living the same day


and OVER

and OVER

blue skies and bubbles

insects or whatever the hell that thing is


and literal signs that can be confused with emblematic signs

I don’t know…

but I do know this…it’s going to be an interesting day when your Wednesday feels like a Monday

this week I’m livin’ for the weekend!

3 thoughts on “FORTY-ONE…night-time at the asylum

  1. ok
    this one CRACKED me up!
    the reptile especially 🙂 and of course, “ground hog” day
    you really DO listen to me!
    let’s get together soon
    and see if our ground hog see’s her shadow

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