THIRTY-NINE…it’s deeper than you think

I know I said I would ’embrace the cold as long as snow wasn’t too far behind’ but after the beauty that was today, I am afraid I have to change my mind…

Oh I am lovin the sun and warm weather


I don’t know what it is about this little gal…



if I ever feel unsettled, worried, scared or anxious, I just pick her up, hold her in my arms and look into those beautiful starry eyes

Instant bliss

I always think it’s so amazing how each developmental milestone can elicit such a powerful emotion of pride. Something so small. Its fun to celebrate their life and accomplishments. She gets so excited when I clap for her and each time she tries to do the same thing in order to get that response from momma…clapping, smiles, hugs and kisses. 

I cannot believe this little girl will be 6 months in 5 days

So many thoughts have been going through my mind lately…and usually Super Tuesdays don’t really give us a whole lot of time to think about hectic schedules or life

We just do.

But after we played with the ‘Beth’s’ we headed home.

I slipped into a funk…I was calling schools yesterday to find out about their methods and programs for inclusion. I was explaining my desire for all of our girls to be in the same school. I spoke about all of our girls and mentioned in a matter-of-fact way that our third girl has Down syndrome which is really why I was calling in the first place. There was a strange pause on the other end and then I got an, “Awe, I am so sorry”.

My first encounter with the public.

I knew this day would come. I had heard some pretty interesting stories from parents when they begin the introduction process between their child with special needs to the public. I always hoped I would handle it with grace and humor. But to be completely honest, my gut reaction was, “oh yeah, she doesn’t know Cecilia” I told the lady, “oh don’t be sorry, she is amazing and so beautiful, we are so proud” I finished asking my ten thousand other questions, got off the phone and proceeded on with the rest of my day completely forgetting about the encounter.

And then at noon today, I finally had a moment to myself.

Look at that face. Those eyes. The wonder. Eagerness to please and desire to learn. She wants to make her  mamma proud. She wants hugs, kisses and love.

I can’t imagine not having her in my life. I can’t imagine her being anyone else.

Then I turn on some ‘pumped up kicks’ from Foster the People and I can’t help but smile. My world has expanded, grown and evolved, because of Ceci (as her Daddy proudly calls her). In life, isn’t that what we are striving for? A deeper understanding, appreciation and a greater respect for life?

It really is amazing what kids can teach you, if you are willing to listen

such sass

my life, her daddy’s life, Abby and Phoebe…our lives are better because of her

And to the lady on the phone, my first introduction to the public with sweet little Cecilia, I hope the next time you encounter a mother and her beautiful baby with whatever special gift she came with, you will take a minute, look that child in the eye, smile and tell that mother how beautiful that sweet baby is…and how lucky she is to have someone so special.

3 thoughts on “THIRTY-NINE…it’s deeper than you think

  1. Keep looking. And keep looking up. Our first startling comment from a close family friend was, “You know, they have institutions for children like that.” Within a few years, David was in a private preschool integrated with normal children. It was where he learned to talk, feed himself, and began to potty train. Keep calling around…and do not be thwarted by those who will never know the untold joy of the tiny milestones!
    Cecilia is so beautiful…

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