THIRTY-EIGHT…a much-needed get-away

Banner Elk, North Carolina…

We were able to get away this weekend…I packed up the kids on Friday and we fled 115 miles north-east to Beach Mt., North Carolina, nestled atop Banner Elk.

We were hoping to do a little skiing/snowboarding, but found ourselves in the high 30’s low 40’s rainy season instead. It felt like spring. Yet, the mountain air was much-needed and appreciated!

the fog was intense on the mountain…we were driving 15 miles an hour around long winding roads because the visibility was so low

Sweet Bear was so excited, he didn’t know what to do with himself. It is times like these, I am glad my brother and his wife don’t mind us using their beautiful vacation home! We took long walks, played outside when there was a break in the weather, took the kids to our favorite Japanese steak-house in Boone, wrapped ourselves in blankets and read in front of the crackling fire, watched movies in a media room, enjoyed a little shopping trip to the outlets in Blowing Rock, NC and talked about our dreams!!!

It was romantic.

thick wool socks, yummy sweaters and footsie pajamas with little bellies protruding, cozy blankets, and hot cocoa! Little sisters giggling, chasing and playing with each other…

I feel energized and ready for the crazy week ahead! Bring it on!!

AND apparently, we are in store for some nasty weather. An ice-storm is a mere 2 days away…

I am in it now…the coziness of it all. A week ago, I was dreaming of warmer weather, but if it’s gonna snow, I will embrace the briskness.

AND LAWD HAVE MERCY, I love to take pictures of Phoebe June, but that child won’t stay still so I am reduced to blurry imagaes. I have jacked up the f-stop and ISO on my camera and with her, I shoot in ‘TV’ mode (burst level shooting) as well…but I think I am just going to have to do a series of images with her being blurry…it’s the stage she’s in right now.

Miss Cecilia sounds like a kitty cat in heat…gotta go attend

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