THIRTY-SIX…super tuesday’s

Super Tuesday’s 

our Tuesday’s are spent with our beloved OT and PT, Beth and Beth. Two equally beautiful, energetic, positive and gentle individuals, whose names are both Beth…obviously!

In the above picture OT Beth is using the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol technique. It is recommended someone ‘brush’ Cecilia’s legs, arms and upper back every 2 hours during the daytime in order to help her ‘stimulate’ those muscles!!! When I first heard this from Beth, I felt a little overwhelmed. So much so, I called my friend Stephanie in a panic. Luckily, she had some wise advice…’do what you can when you can and don’t stress out about it…take some time to just be with Miss Ceci’. Of course I am paraphrasing…but the message was clear and heard! 

Last week’s OT and PT class with the Beth’s, they both noticed Cecilia was a little tired and maybe also a little hungry and just needed a little extra something special…out came the mega swing. They tag teamed Cecilia and before she or I knew what was going on, they were hanging this massive round swing from the ceiling. The Beth’s rock our world!!! 

It worked so well, Cecilia was able to do some floor work!

I want these girls to move in with us!!! You too Angelina and Amanda our ST’s!!! AND Tonya  Jen, Candy and Donna!!!! Really I couldn’t be happier about spending our weeks with these fabulous people who work to give Miss Cecilia everything she needs!

Thank you all so much!

and we practice at home…Ceci gets extra hugs and kisses from Abby when she laughs while doing her ‘homework’We all do our part in trying to make it an enjoyable time for Cecilia – per the advice of another friend I have recently made, Southern Sea Muserather than a stressful time where I feel pressured to work her out to the point of exhaustion or worse, frustrationCecilia loves her big sister Abby. Her sweet little face lights up and her eyes get so big when she hears her voice. She is also excited upon hearing Phoebe’s voice, but I think that’s a nervous reaction due to Phoebe sitting down on Cecilia’s leg last week. Ceci, hasn’t quite forgotten the whole ordeal.

neither have I.

To quote the wise words of Offspring, “Gotta keep ’em separated”

at least for a little while until Miss Phoebe can learn to be a little more careful around her baby sister. I will say Phoebe really surprised me this morning; she walked right over to Ceci sitting in her car seat and gave her little toe a kiss and said, “hi Ceci”. Augh…great moment! I can’t wait until they are able to play with one another!

Good stuff going on here!

Ceci is hanging on every wordAfter our homework, Abby thought Ceci might enjoy looking at a book. Who better to know these things than a big sister. Of course she would! Great idea!!! And before we could turn the page for Ceci, her little tired eyes closed and she slept for 4 whole hours.

I think we wore her out! But the important thing is…we giggled, stretched, massaged and pulled….we had a great time!

And I was even able to get a little time in to do something fun for myself.

For over a year now I have been practicing, when I can, working with motion blur. Below is my most recent motion blur assignment. I have to give myself assignments, otherwise I won’t be ‘aware’ of the buttons or controls I am pushing to make a photo come together. In other words, if I dial down my f-stop, I also need to change my exposure settings as well as my ISO settings. Very technical and so much to remember, but with this particular assignment, I feel as though I am getting closer to understanding how closely these things work together. I am happy with the results, but still feel as though I have a lot more work to do on my motion blur assignments!!!

Ah, the gloriousness of a four-day weekend!

Hello Super Tuesday…we are ready!

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