THIRTY-FIVE…I am not a prisoner. I am not a prisoner. But I am in a cave.

I have the rare moment of starting over

I had a whole post written, edited and was about to add pictures when lightning hit and knocked out our power. It’s the beginning of the ‘Big Winter Storm of 2012.’

I could have and actually contemplated getting upset for about 5 minutes, but rationalized, it was probably for the best.

I am just glad we made it through the 24 hour stomach virus that seized our entire family over the weekend! When I wasn’t busy cold-wet-washclothing little faces, consoling crying toddlers and trying to catch little snippets of shut-eye, I was busy making plans for the following weekend!


I can’t think of anything…

…please DON’T CANCEL!!!

Keep the kids home from school for the next day and commit to staying inside so the Spranger’s can come and wreak havoc on your home and your refrigerator!!!

Really though, I am sure we will have to cancel due to the ‘Big Winter Storm of 2012’. Let’s just go ahead and reschedule for the following weekend…same time, same place, same menu.

‘Love lost’ Temper Trap 

Listening to this song, I was transported to a scene in a movie and my pajamas became the cutest little cotton sun-dress. I kissed Ashton goodbye with promises to think only of him…slid into the driver seat of my Aston Martin and drove off into the sunset with oodles of shopping bags. Then the song ended. I looked down…yup, the baby spit up was still there from dinner. Ah well. A girl can dream right?

The doom and gloom of the cold cloudy unseasonably warm RAINY weather is taking a toll on my psyche. I am running low on inspiration this week. My pictures are blurry and I am overwhelmed with responsibilities. So I just sit with my eyes barely open, scrolling through the 750 pictures I took in less than two hours…inside with almost no natural light. Of the 750, I think only 350 turned out merely ok. I am in a creative rut. I can’t get excited about leafless trees. Taking a picture of a naked branch doesn’t get me all giddy inside. I am ready for spring. I keep thumbing through clothing catalogues looking for sun dresses and stylish wide-brimmed floppy hats, bathing suits and fun festive outdoorsy string lights to hang on a back porch.

I feel stuck in a cave.

I am a flower…I need sun. I crave warm weather. It doesn’t help staring at our Christmas card sitting on my desk of the girls wearing their Christmas pj’s on a beautiful Florida Beach. They look so happy. We were outside everyday.

Ok…listening to ‘pumped up kicks’ now and really feeling like I need to get up and dance off some steam. So that’s just what I’ll do!

This is the moment where I usually have to tell myself to live in the moment Angie…don’t be impatient. Enjoy where I am in life right now and remember it…cause it is fleeting. Starting over ‘pumped up kicks’ and going to go have myself a little dance party.

 Have a great day!!!

3 thoughts on “THIRTY-FIVE…I am not a prisoner. I am not a prisoner. But I am in a cave.

  1. Angie you & Greg have a beautiful don’t know how much I love reading your pages..makes me feel like I’m there with you all..miss & love you guys

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