THIRTY-FOUR…happy birthday greggy

How do you celebrate someones birthday

when they don’t really care about celebrating their birthday?

this is how the Spranger girls celebrate little Greggy’s big day…

I will let him sleep in a little longer

turn on HOWARD STERN for him first thing in the morning

…cause I know that will make him happy

I think I will put out some balloons

let the girls sign his cards

we might hang a sign that says…you got it…’Happy Birthday’

make him up some yummy breakfast

and plaster his picture all over my blog!!!

I am sure he will appreciate that!

I will bring him some coffee at work

and make him get out of the house for lunch

buy him a Barbie kite : )

suggest he go to the movies…any movie he wants

tell him what a great husband he is

tell him what an amazing father he is

and how much fun he is to be around!


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