THIRTY-THREE…my day was ‘craptastik’. How was yours?

The day is ending the same way it began…disastrously.

This morning I got upset with Abby for knocking over her juice at breakfast. Five minutes later, Greg and I are talking about something. While I was using my hands to help me make a point, my hand catches the handle on my spoon flipping cereal onto me and flinging milk everywhere. So the fleece I was wearing, now has to be washed for the 2nd day in a row.

When I went to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer I discovered a dirty – now clean : ) – disposable disintegrated diaper and it appeared to have only gotten on one item. On further inspection, I noticed it had gotten on everything. Mainly the one black fleece I wear practically everyday. Of course.

Then as I was walking downstairs, with another laundry basket full of dirty clothes, I was wearing socks and did fine until I reached the third step from the bottom and fell on my a##. Of course the laundry basket flies into the air and makes a huge noise when it lands on the floor, scaring Cecilia who was already screaming at me to feed her.

Way to go Mom!!!

What else can go wrong you ask?

Let me tell you, I took Abby and Cecilia to the grocery store while Phoebe stayed home for a nap. After spending an 1.5 and my weekly budget for food, I realize while the clerk is checking me out, I left my wallet in my other diaper bag AT HOME. I started sweating. “How am I going to explain this one?” She was very understanding and let me go no questions asked. All I could think about was the frozen food, just sitting there….waiting….defrsoting…nasty.

When I get home, I am frantically searching in my other diaper bag for my wallet when I remember; I put my wallet in the car the previous evening for a quick run to the store for some milk. Okay, it’s been in the car all along. I am so mad at myself at this point, I am so embarrassed to go back to the grocery store.

But wait, it gets better…As I am headed back to the BACK OF THE LINE at the grocery store, Greg calls. He has a meeting in 15 minutes he can’t be late for and Phoebe is awake soaked in pee, and naked. My heart starts pounding. I am trying to remember to breath and telling myself I have to be mindful not to ‘speed’ in order to get home! He can take care of her ‘pee issue’ but again has the meeting in 15.

On my way home, I hear my phone ring. I am looking at the caller id and I am so confused…”why is Ingles calling me?” CRAP…I left my wallet at the grocery store. REALLY? By the time I get home, Greg meets me at the door with Phoebe who is crying and in PINK camo pants and a RED shirt with black Patton leather shoes. Thanks Dad! Abby had to go to the potty and Cecilia is awake and ready for her 2:00 feeding.

By this time I am done. I just start laughing…you know the kind…crazed and sadistic. AND remember, I am sweating…it’s 28 degrees outside and I am wearing a t-shirt with a fleece and a pair of jeans and I AM SWEATING. PRESSURE!

So what started out as an hour and a half trip to the grocery store, ended up being a 3.5 hour trip of mostly driving back and forth from our house to the grocery store, which one-way usually averages around 15 minutes.

I can honestly say, if our van was to go up in flames right at this very minute in front of my  eyes, I wouldn’t shed a single tear. AND I am still sweating.

peek-a-boo! My family scares me!

2 thoughts on “THIRTY-THREE…my day was ‘craptastik’. How was yours?

  1. What a craptastic day!!! I bet the next day was much better….they always are.

    Glad to hear I am not the only one who sweats profusely when things start going wrong.
    The stress-a-lator turns on the sweat-a-lator.

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