The day has passed…

well almost


I’d love to be whooping it up and tearin’ up the town…

But, I have a cold. My nose is raw, my throat is itchy and my hair hurts.

Here’s the way I see myself celebrating my birthday:

the sun comes through the window in the morning as the coffee is being brewed and the smell wakes everyone in the house up (like that old Christmas commercial where the young son comes home from the armed forces as he brews that first pot of coffee, the family wakes up and joins him in the kitchen)…just like that.

No wait…I have to start over.

Okay, we are on a beach…there is music playing in the background and it is a beautiful sunny and windy day. Bear is the first one we see…running like he’s never seen the ocean before. He dives into the water and swims to get a ragged old tennis ball…and as he runs back to the beach, he twists and shakes to get all of the water off his drenched fur…

Next on the scene is Gregory Kenneth wearing a pair of ripped khakis and his white button up shirt (happens to be what he was wearing the first time I saw him…still a beautiful sight even if it is in my mind) shoeless – of course…just the way I like him and his hair is wild – like always…and in this dream our three girls (are a little bit older) are all dressed in white linen dresses and they are running on the beach and jumping and their hair is flowing and wild and beautiful. Of course I am the last person to enter the scene…as it should be. I always envision our children between us…literally – not figuratively.


back to my DREAM

as I enter, I am also wearing a white dress, my hair is down and flowing in the breeze and it is extra long and I am wearing a beautiful bracelet Greggy gave me a couple of years ago along with a necklace which holds special meaning for me, from me oddly enough. I have lost all of my baby weight and I am nice and tan and also barefoot. In this dream I look amazing…hey it’s a dream – come on now…


We are all running and laughing, hugging and dancing and playing. Oh cheesy I know. But it’s my birthday people!!! I spent New Years with my family in North Carolina and came home with some sort of head cold. So now my Birthday will be spent sniffling, chugging day/night-quill, blowing my nose, and applying Neosporin on my upper lip and end of my nose. And seriously, my hair hurts. Okay, maybe it’s my scalp. Whatever it is, it is very sensitive.



We all congregate back at the house…windows everywhere, hard surface floors…the kind where the sun bounces off their shiny surface onto your face and warms your bare feet, and we all drink lemonade from a glass pitcher with ice and lemon slices – the visual is right out of a Martha Stuart catalogue…and we are begging daddy to whip up some of his amazing eggs with all that good stuff that clogs up the arteries all nice and thick! It’s his speci-a-li-ty! we turn on the music and it surrounds us coming from every room. We open up the windows and doors to let the breeze blow through the house the white linen curtains dance across the floors and tease the furniture….

I am so thankful for dreams…we are standing at the doorstep of something great…I can feel it (hey I think I just quoted Beck). 2012 is going to be a great year for us. I have a feeling about this year. This is our year! We are going to take life by the horns and reach out and grab what we really want from life. Any minute now, it’s going to happen…

Abby put ‘Baby Giraffe’ to bed…we are very literal in this house

and …’soon, soon oh very soon…and you say, be still my love. Open up your heart, let the light shine in. But you don’t understand, I already have a plan…I’m waiting for my real life to begin…it’s going to happen soon, soon oh very soon’….Oh Colin Hay, you really have some mad skill!

Location, Location, Location.

Thanks for letting me dream Greggy! I got pretty darn lucky with you!

And thank you for joining me for my dream!!

Nighty night.

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