Today was filled with music and laughter…and poop.

AND I couldn’t be happier.

Go figure?

Seriously, I think I changed 6 poop diapers between Phoebe and Cecilia. Not to mention I picked up Bear’s poop in the yard. There were 4 LARGE piles of poop. I guess it had been a couple of days…ugh. So all in all, that is 10 poop situations I had to tackle today. AND I STILL COULDN’T BE HAPPIER.

HOWEVER, I’m done with the poop.

My heart is so happy right now

It’s Friday

The New Year is rapidly approaching

and I want to scoop my babies up…scream, dance, laugh and tickle them


kickin’ it



I rely on change. It’s the one thing in life I can count on.

Talking about change…my age is about to change…in 4 days I am going to be 35.

I am excited!!!

I divert….

I used to have the craziest luck. For example, when I was in college, my girlfriend Jana and I went to a Japanese Steak House where they cook the food in front of you…Hibachi Style. Our cook/entertainer challenged someone, anyone from the table to get up and try to balance, toss and split an egg in half. I volunteered. On the first try, I did it. Everyone was completely flabbergasted! I just got up and did it.

Here’s another one…in college, I would aimlessly drive around Winston-Salem after classes or rehearsals to try to wind-down. I would listen to the radio. On more than one occasion, I was in the mood for a particular song. I would push a button on my stereo console, and darn-it-all if the freakin’ song wasn’t just beginning.

Cecilia is rocking the bumbo chair with her bunny friend

I used to randomly win things too…

he looks so disappointed in this photo…poor Bear, always on the wrong side of the door

Anyway, I haven’t had that kind of luck in quite a while

And then Miss Cecilia came into our lives…

Within weeks of her birth, I won two separate lottery tickets, one for $3 and another for $7…and a free ‘coke product’ in another lottery drawing…yes we play the lottery on occasion. I was a winner at chick-fil-a for the free lunch deal and I won a free coffee at McDonald’s. Needless to say I think my luck might have CHANGED!!! I blame it on Cecilia. I think she brings us all luck. She has made our lives better. I didn’t think it could get much better. Just another example of how change has affected our lives for the BETTER!!!!

So I am still talking about Change.

I guess talking about having luck wasn’t too much of a diversion…

we made it all connect!

Speaking of getting older, Cecilia turned 5 months old yesterday. She celebrated by being extra cute and extra cuddly!

Her eyes get me every time. I am running out of places to take her picture. I feel like I keep taking the same picture over and over. In our bedroom, on our bed (white comforter) is the only place that gets the best natural light in the whole house…so that’s where we end up. But when I can get that little ‘catch light’ in her eye and If I can zoom in close enough to see those beautiful little stars…my work is done and I am happy.

I have a message for the New Year that’s a comin’


and if you get a chance please listen to ‘hard to explain’ by The Strokes and dance out of your skin!!!!

Happy Dancing!

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