In a desperate attempt to make sure we (Greg and I) live purposefully, we decided 5 years ago to try to be a one car family. When we made the decision, we were living in northwestern Nebraska. It was a small town and we walked to our jobs, to the park, grocery shopping and interestingly enough to the hospital the day I gave birth to Abby. Being a one car family has served us very well over the past 3 years living in northeast Tennessee. Greg works from home and due to home schooling we usually don’t get out until after 11 or 12 in the afternoon. If Greg needs the car, it’s his. If I need it, it’s mine. Over the past year, we might have had 2 incidences where we have needed to borrow one of my brother’s cars…no biggie.

I am writing about this, because a funny thing happened when my in-laws left yesterday morning to head back to northern Michigan. After Greg, the kids and I had breakfast it was so nice outside, I wanted to take a drive to Knoxville, to run some errands. I was packing the kids up, getting them dressed and about to head out of the door… and I was searching all over the house for our keys. I was trying to think back to who drove it last, and had a horrible feeling…I think my father-in-law might have been the last to take the van. I went down stairs to the dungeon to ask Greg if he had seen them and of course he said no….long story short, yes my father-in-law made it to Kentucky with our ONLY SET OF KEYS. Excellent. SO needless to say, we were officially stuck until our keys arrived at 10:30 this morning.

It’s kind of perfect when you think about it…it’s just one more story for us to tell. Goofy – just like us. Perfect addition to our repertoire of strange but interesting stories.

1 thought on “TWENTY-NINE…stuck

  1. I laughed out loud at your description of your craptastic day, Angie. You’re so funny! I love the way you look at your life through ironic lenses. Very wise. It’s better to laugh than cry, I usually figure. I really enjoyed your photos, too. Good eye for details.

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