TWENTY-EIGHT…holiday ramblings

What a crazy holiday.


…was the theme this holiday season.

It’s 25 days to Christmas….

20 days to Christmas….

15 days to Christmas….

10 days to Christmas….

5 days to Christmas, wait 5…really?

Oh Crap, 4 days to Christmas….

wait stop…

hang on

It seems like I kept trying to put on the brakes to a holiday that was coming whether or not I was prepared…

We got it together…FINALLY!

I love childhood innocence and wonder.

I miss that feeling that used to accompany holiday’s. Now it just seems so stressful. AND I am not exactly sure what was so stressful about it…I didn’t pay due diligence to that particular question leading up to the holidays. Usually I like to pick at the thing that’s bothering me until I can ‘fix’ it…but I think I am afraid to pick at this one….I get the feeling it is something I need to sit with for a little bit, before I do any delving.

Honestly, I feel like an interloper…it’s time for us to find our place. A place that’s going to make everyone happy…satisfy everyone’s needs, wants, desires and dreams.

We are not here….

I know what you’re thinking….how many times is this lady going to throw this one up? I don’t have an answer for that question.  I wish I did…it’s where I want to be today! I constantly find myself thumbing through 2 specific magazines…Coastal Living and Pottery Barn magazines. Whatever I am looking for, apparently I think the answer lies in one of those magazines…

hmmm…something to think about

forgive my random holiday ramblings…

1 thought on “TWENTY-EIGHT…holiday ramblings

  1. It is part of the answer (to seek the beach), but we still have to mow the lawn, pay bills and take the kids to their appointments. And vacuum sand out of EVERYTHING!! You’ve inspired me to write a post about it. Actually, we came here after we almost lost our baby with DS…we then realized how short and precious life is, and decided to make the move then instead of waiting for retirement. It’s hard in ways, but we have never looked back. He loves the beach – it is therapeutic for him, too 😀

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