TWENTY-SIX…the big wind-down

This week has been filled with appointments, therapies, grocery runs for last-minute forgotten items and more appointments as well as more therapies. And one very important unannounced visitor…eheem Uncle Rusty.

I really must say with our growing list of doctors and therapists, it is a treat to be working with a team of individuals who so passionately care about my babies.

I watch you all pick up Cecilia, hold her in your arms, cuddle her, hug and kiss her, talk with her…not to her, treat her as if she is the most special little person you have ever met or rather, as if she was your own. Thank you to all of you who so obviously love your jobs and truly seem to value and enjoy children.

I also want to thank those 2 very special ladies who work with Miss Phoebe. She has a very special relationship with both ladies and seeing her eyes light up when she sees the both of you warms my heart. I have gotten so many ideas from the both of you on some fun activities to do with her and I think of you and your constant planning and attention to her needs. Thank you Miss Candy and Miss Amanda! If cloning ever becomes a legitimate, safe and legal act, I am coming to find you!!!

More holiday sentimentality….

On another note, my little friend whom I like to call Rory…Rory the Racoon was out frolicking in the wild. I took pictures of this little guy almost a year ago. I like them. I don’t really know what to do with them. Much like my pictures of the Beach. So I am putting them out here…in the blog world. The big bad world of blog. Blog.

And lastly, I would like to thank Uncle Rusty for his surprise visit AND apologize for the four loads of laundry that were scattered around the living room, AND apologize for the dirty dishes on the counter, AND for the unwrapped gifts for your beautiful children for Christmas. I would like to say we don’t usually live in such ‘chaos and disorder’ but something about this special holiday won’t let me lie, so I won’t say that. We love you man! AND next year I am going to anticipate your arrival…you just wait, the laundry will be done, I will look alive and well-rested, the house will be spotless and all of our children will be dressed to the nines AND we will have some good grub for you and Brian!!!

oh look…we are not here

Listening to Sonny and the Sunsets “Too Young To Burn” and dancing out of my skin!!!!

UH OH Journey is on again and he is ‘…taken the midnight train goin’ anywhere….smell of wine and cheap perfume….strangers waiting, looking down the Blvd…’ yeah this gal is white man over-biting it big time right now!!!!!! Goodbye to another crazy week…only 2 more weeks left in 2011.

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