TWENTY-FOUR…strange week

YEAH…Hello Weekend…Goodbye crummy week! Good riddance! Be off with you…

What a strange week

The highlights go something like this…

1. Cecilia had her OT appointment and rocked the house. We met her OT, Beth in the lobby of Cecilia’s therapy center. We walked down the corridor to the therapy room and I must say it was the coolest thing EVER! I was very impressed! The room is a large open space with therapy balls in the corner, a large mat in the middle of the floor with infant toys spread out waiting to be played with, there are large hooks hanging from the ceiling for swings. How cool is that? I asked Beth what they were for, because there were no swings hanging at the moment. When she told me they were meant for swings, I experienced a slight feeling resembling jealousy! What a cool profession! I can tell Beth really likes her job which makes her awesome to be around!!! She has a real easy, calm and friendly way about her. She wanted to see Cecilia on the floor so she might assess where she is at the moment, so I put Cecilia on the large covered mat and she proceeded to turn from her tummy to her back and whoa, she decided she wanted to be back on her tummy after all. Beth seemed very impressed and of course I was once again, beaming with pride. Cecilia rocked the house! I am so proud of my baby girl

2. Cecilia loves her nighttime massages! It seems to help her relax…her legs and arms always seem to be moving about, but when we do the massage, she is content to just lay still. We talk while mommy is rubbing her feet, hands, arms, tummy and back. We have found yet another way for us to connect. Thank you Miss Jennifer for your awesome instruction and oils AND just generally being the great person you are!

3. Another one for Miss Cecilia…she had her heel poked this week for her endocrinology appointment. We should hear back in a couple of days about the results, but I do have to say this was a pretty easy endocrinology appointment for sure. Usually the Nurse or phlebotomist takes the blood from the veins in her arm which seems extremely painful for her. She usually cries the entire time…which ultimately makes me cry. The heel stick is the way to go! Yes it might take longer, but it is so worth it! She didn’t even flinch when the guy poked her heal. We’ll be requesting that every time! NO TEARS! I was so happy for her.

4. One for Phoebe who is a talking machine now. She is repeating everything we say and with stunning clarity! She even has begun using sign with some of her words, which is something we have been working with for almost a month now AND she has added some new words to her spontaneous speech…seems like she is moving right along! So proud of her, thank you Miss Amanda and Angelina for your creativity in working with Miss Phoebe! It’s great to have such talented, passionate, and caring individuals working with your children.

5. As far as Abby goes, she is still reading which is great considering we haven’t practiced in a couple of weeks now. I think we are definitely thinking school for this little family. I can’t imagine trying to home-school right now with all of the appointments Cecilia has. But that’s ok. Abby will get to be in her social atmosphere and I get the sense she really wants to experience that. I am having a hard time with it actually. It is amazing to see her learn and know I am feeding that hungry little mind. Not to mention it is so much fun. Also we are not tied to a specific location…ugh. Time will tell.

Those were the highlights to this incredibly odd week. Hope next week is happier than this one was!

We are not here

we are here

I have been playing with photo editing software. Last winter I put my camera down and didn’t pick it up for about 3 months. I was very lonely and seemingly uninspired AND in all fairness, pregnant. When I finally picked up my trusty machine and dusted it off I had to learn everything all over again. I hit a plateau and fell into a rut. I was terribly sad. I am passionate about taking pictures of my children living life and anything outdoors. If I can marry the two, my soul is full. I am fully invested in photography…and am having so much fun learning, practicing and experimenting. I don’t know what I want to do with it yet, if anything, but I know one thing, it really fulfills me. If I can practice once a day, even if it’s a short 1 or 2 pictures I try to learn from the experience.

Looking forward to the weekend.

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  1. Glad there were some highlights to your “crummy” week! That butterfly picture is AMAZING. Angie, you could sell those nature pictures. And maybe the pictures of your girls, too, but usually people want pictures of their own babies. But seriously – what if you framed them and set of shop at an art bazaar sometime??

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