TWENTY-THREE…proud mamma

My baby girl finally turned over today from her back to her front! I was beside myself with excitement!

Of course she decides to make her triumphant debut right as I put my camera down. I was watching her as she was laying on her back, she was bringing her arm to her tummy and holding onto her outfit with her tiny fingers, arching her little back and kicking her leg over so she might propel herself onto her tummy. The whole time she was grunting, it was too cute! I wonder if those are the ‘compensatory’ movements we are trying to avoid, the swinging of the leg, the holding onto her shirt and arching of the back and neck? I was trying to remember how Phoebe did it…I know she arched her back as well. Right now I am just so excited for her. She has been working on that for a solid two weeks! She has her first Physical Therapy appointment on Thursday.

She turned 4 months Last Tuesday. 4 months and 1 week she decides to make the turn! I am so excited for her!!! I clapped for her and she smiled. She likes it when we clap for her. Daddy came up from the dungeon to see what all the excitement was about. Of course he was thrilled and showered her with kisses and hugs!

I love the spiky hair she is sporting in the photo above…reminds me of Phoebe who had the most hair. I used to spike it and take pictures…at the time I thought it was hilarious!

Cecilia had speech therapy today..she did very well. Tomorrow she will work on her speech and head control with her teacher who comes to the house. In the late morning we are meeting with an infant message therapist…so we might learn some techniques for infant message! I am excited about that! Then on Thursday she has her endocrinology appointment in the morning in Knoxville and Physical Therapy in the afternoon in Talbott. Next week is just as busy…but I think I have Friday off…busy busy busy! When I wrote the ‘busy busy busy’ part, I was thinking of the ‘magician’ in Frosty the Snowman he says it so nasally…

I am so proud of my little Appleseed. I am trying out different pet names with her. I can’t seem to find one that fits. Appleseed is a good one. For a while I was calling her my pumpkin…but it wore off. I was also thinking about ‘apple blossom’ or ‘tater tot’…appleseed is starting to sound like it might be the winner. I will try that out for the week!

Her look here makes me laugh…she’s contemplating life.

Her eyes get me every time! And yes I know both pictures are very nearly the same, but she looks so different, I found it to be intriguing.

 So proud of my little Appleseed!!

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  1. Was so happy to see you all today! Cece is doing great! Your girls are beautiful and it’s always such a refereshing change of pace when I get to visit with your family. I look forward to future visits and seeing all the great “stuff” Cece will be doing! Keep up the good work, proud Mama!

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