Today was definitely a Monday! And we were not here… To my dear friend Lisa, if you are reading this blog, I am sorry I didn’t get back with you…time got away from me!!! I broke my phone on Monday and I think I have been living with a cell-phone that Fred Flintstone used to use back in the ‘stone-age’. So frustrating. I tried to text my friend back and the texting is so crazy on this phone…you type in letters until the word you want is formed. Sounds easy, but when I was trying to type in the word ‘back’ the word ‘good’ kept forming? I immediately started sweating!!!

I know there is a technical name for this type of texting and in fact I used to have it in the early 2000’s, but I have formed a new name for it…it’s called “ANNOYING”. Hopefully my new phone will be here in a couple of days…I don’t have any of my contact information cause my dork self doesn’t store the info anywhere else other than the cell phone. SMART.  I learned my lesson.

we are not here… A BIG FAT UGH for the day that was today!!! I love being a mother and most days we have so much fun together singing and dancing, tickle time, coloring and whatever else we decide to do. And then there are those days where I find myself counting down the hours until they go to bed. Mid-day I was trying to BREATH it out and start a new…not happening. The day just needed to end. I was mentally teleporting myself here… and here.. It seemed like everyone was whining all day long. One little girl was angry with me cuz I put pigtails in her hair and they clearly weren’t wanted, another wanted a popsicle, another one wanted her snow-white dress collar on (why tears over that I’ll never figure out), Phoebe wants milk – but I am trying to make her say ‘milk’ and even use sign with it…no go, and Abby wanted to put a princess dress on Phoebe who clearly did not want anything to do with a princess dress. Despite Phoebe’s blood curdling protests, Abby managed to get Phoebe into a Cinderella dress. Phoebe was furious.

My poor next door neighbor, he walked outside and I pounced!!! I desperately needed an adult to talk to. When I came back inside, I peaked at myself in the mirror…what was I thinking? My hair, which was in a pony’t’, was lopsided and unfortunately I was ready to feed Cecilia. I am not going to say it more plainly than that folks. Needless to say I was absolutely mortified. I chuckled to myself rationalizing it had ‘just’ happened…and my neighbor was out of sight WAY before then.

Oh well, what am I supposed to do…sit inside all day? Don’t answer that!

See, if we were at the beach and Phoebe was pouting, I think I would have had a better day…hmmm, something to think about for sure!

We did manage a highly successful trip to the grocery store with three in tow! It’s the fourth month BABY!!!! Hopefully this is our stride!

I thought it was going to be an awesome day…Cecilia and I woke up at 5:30. After her morning feast, we were doing our morning workouts…some mid-lining and alignment exercises. She hasn’t had her Physical Therapy session yet, but we like to read up and practice on our own. I bought a PT book from Amazon for next to nothing and it gives you step-by-step instruction, as well as goals for each monthly age/stage of physical development. So that’s what we have been doing. She’s doing great. I wrote in a post that she is a ‘tummy time drop out’. Well, she has surpassed my expectations once again…and now she is rocking the hiz-house! Proud of my little rock star! She is holding her head up like a pro now. But no go for the rest of the gang. I even put on some ‘Foster the People’ with their ‘pumped up kicks’ thinking we could dance out our differences…nope. Then I went with the tried and true Stevie Wonder…usually he is our go to guy…a big fat NO!

So here I am at 8:15 with the night ahead of me…PARTY!!!

I was a little worried about bedtime. Greg usually helps out with Abby and Phoebe, he likes to spend time with them after a long day at work, but he was working tonight, so it was yours truly and three moody little girls. Oddly enough, it worked out just fine. Phoebe and Abby went to sleep without any problems (probably the reason they were both a little testy ALL DAY) and Cecilia was out within 45 minutes. I have the night to myself. I can’t complain about that!

Rhetorical Question Time: Should I be worried about her poses in these two photos…is this a glimpse of what her father and I are to expect in 8 years???

Now I am editing photos and rocking out to The Steve Miller Band ‘JET AIRLINER”!!! I have half a mind to wake those kids up and make them dance and tickle them…this is the song I should have used!!!! How can you be a sour puss with Jet Airliner on in the back ground????

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day…until then, I will be dreaming of this…

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