I have one word to sum up where I am in my life at this very moment in time…that word is,

yup, that’s right…seriously?

I have a gazillion pictures of the beach…of which I am never going to do anything with except stare at it when it is 50 degrees or below.

Who am I? My friend Karla and I were talking today and she was bringing to my attention the person she knew 12 years ago, who would not have wanted anything to do with warm weather. It is true. I was all about fall and winter. I was all about the boots, hats, gloves, scarves, jeans and even went so far as to collect sweaters. Weird I know.

Here’s another one…

It’s Wednesday…it has taken me 3.5 days to get back to so-called normal. Unpacking everyone, sorting out 3 stacks of clothes for the girls, myself of course and Greg. Putting all the toys back where they go and of course they all go somewhere…I am one of those people who likes to organize their children’s toys. I still do it even after having 3 kids. I figure, if I spend the money on them, I want the girls to be able to play with them. Every week I go to all of the popular play areas in the house and collect all of the strays in a basket so I can sort them and put them in their proper location. If I notice a group of toys that are not being played with, I will do one of two things;

1. bag up the toys to give away

2. put the toys in a bin and switch out the current toys with ‘hidden’ bin toys every 2/3 months.

Anyone else do this? I hope I am not alone…I just reread that last sentence and I sound very…controlling. Please someone pipe up and tell me I’m not a total control freak! Do I look like a control freak people???

Don’t answer that question.

SO, here we are…back home. Ooh, here’s another one…

I was going to go for a run today but  decided it would be a far better idea to take silly pictures of the kids and listen to 70’s Brazilian music. I find the era and genre to be oddly inspiring. Here are just a few of the goodies from our

‘I’m staying home with mommy cause she’s blowing off the gym and she’s got something fun planned’

photo session…

I really like candid photography as opposed to posed photography…and if I was trying to get Abby to cooperate (which I sometimes do…which is contrary to the statement I just made) there is no way she would have ended up smiling in this photo. She does not like to be directed. She wants to do the directing. I just sit back with my lens cap off and my finger on the trigger and off they go…

I have been meaning to get pictures of Phoebe and Cecilia but today was not that day. Phoebe was tired and seems to be fighting a fever with no apparent symptoms…so our photo session was done sans Phoebe…

I swear, sometimes it seems like they are plotting something…like how to put mommy in a trance so they can get whatever they want…

Abby loves her so much. She gets very upset if she can’t hold Cecilia while she is awake. It feels as though she asks me every 30 minutes if she can, “hold Cecilia now”. I have to remind myself how short the toddler attention span is, otherwise I might go berserk! I told Cecilia if she was a good girl we could put on her other superwoman outfit…she was very pleased

Little sneakers, I swear they are up to something…

In this next one, I told her to act like superwoman would..and this is what Cecilia ended up doing

She is giving it her all to turn from her back to her tummy. I don’t know what she’s going to do when she figures it out cause she’s not a big fan of tummy time. I would venture to say she is a tummy time drop out. But, this little girl has been full of amazing little surprises and I have a feeling she is going to rock it out despite what mommy thinks. She’s pretty crafty like that.

And as for the plotting to overthrow the matriarch of the family exhibit A. high five…plotting no doubt

her eyes get me every time…she is a little super girl…Hey the ‘s’ could also be for Spranger! Wow! How about that?

I’ve been up too long.

no Abby don’t speak about the planand one more picture of the beach…maybe with Phoebe so I don’t feel so bad for neglecting our wonderful amazing middle child…

There we go.

I sometimes feel as though I am not doing what I had hoped to do through this blog, which was initially to sort of journal about our lives as a family and also to provide some sort of relief to new families who have a child with a disability…I wanted to give a ‘real’ account of what we are going through in our life. It was very scary and painful at first. We were in a great big ocean for that first month without a life jacket or a boat to give us some relief. Your friends and family can be there for you as much as you need, but until I went through it and found other people who like me were going through or had already been through this tough time, you really are all alone. And then you wake up one morning, and this beautiful little face and those amazing eyes greets you

and then two more beautiful faces follow

and then your best friend comes around the corner

and this goofy guy jumps off the bed to come see what everyone is doing…I am referring to Bear in case anyone was wondering ;  )

and you pump up a little bit of ‘consolation prizes’ by Phoenix and you start to dance inside yourself until you look like this

you realize…hey this ain’t so bad. Her ‘diagnosis’ takes a back seat. I will say it again, her diagnosis takes a backseat. And as I said before, life goes on.  And it’s all good!

Cecilia is quite the little Spranger and maybe this is a little too over the top, but I have never been happier. Ok yes, I still have moments where I am worried about her future, I won’t lie. AND we are going to do everything in our power to make sure her quality of life is the highest we can possibly achieve. BUT if we zoom the lens back a little bit and look at the bigger picture, we have a roof over our heads, we have our health and we have each other…we have friends and family.

AND Cecilia is a rock star…she amazes me everyday just like her sisters did.

  I have so many things to be grateful for….

ugh, it’s the Holiday’s talking.

Forgive me.


I am having a moment.

Thanks again May for the outfit!!! I adore you and Teddy, even though we have yet to officially meet! More things to be grateful for, friends! It needs to be said, we truly value our friends and family who stood by us and continue to do so. Thank you!!!

How could we not be high on life right now…


ooh, one more I am never going to use…except of course during those frigid months…

6 thoughts on “TWENTY…seriously

  1. You are not controlling for organizing the toys – I do the same thing! I keep track of all the pieces to everything and get a little obsessed if one piece is missing. OK. Now I sound a little crazy. But I don’t think it makes us controlling….does it? I like your idea about rotating the toys, too. I need to do that. Then every month or so it will be like we have NEW toys!!

    Beautiful pictures as always, Angie!

    ~ K

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