SEVENTEEN…this holiday season

Every once in a while I will have a moment with my family where I am teleported from my body to somewhere else in the room. I can see the girls chasing each other and giggling, Greg is preparing dinner and listening to music and Bear is trying to go unnoticed so his tail might survive yet another night. I just take it all in. These small infinitesimal moments where I am allowed to sit and just watch the beauty of family, my family…it’s a gift.

It’s that time of year where reflecting and acknowledging the gifts we have as a family starts to make me feel appreciative and sentimental. I have been feeling appreciative today watching Greggy make dinner. I enjoy watching him prepare a meal, he meticulously cuts up each vegetable and takes care in arranging them on the grill, dousing them in salt and pepper. I know what you’re thinking…how can someone making dinner evoke such powerful emotions? It does seem a tad bit over-the-top, but that’s what this time of year does to me…I might as well put on my prairie dress and run up a mountain twirling and singing ‘the hills are alive…’. I revel in the time before dinner when he connects with me in conversation while the kids are playing and laughing in the background…I am a sentimental sap this year. I almost start to cry when he snaps off the cap of a bear bottle, in this moment he seems so happy. He looks over my shoulder to peak on the girls who are now at full volume singing their rendition of the Barbie surfing song…and just laughs. I can see he enjoys seeing his girls play together and get a long so well. It is such a beautiful sight to see someone you love enjoying his family. Great moment. He is a family guy and I am a thankful girl! (tears are streaming down my face in a moment of gratitude…ok that is over-the-top)

I was also watching Phoebe and Abby play together today after being on one of mommy’s crazy unplanned shopping trips to a nearby outlet mall.


I have one word…CATASTROPHIE! Sawgrass Mills Mall in Fort Lauderdale. Would have been a glorious experience had my trusted shopping buddy been with me. Might have been better had I known a little about the destination…like maybe the fact that it is a ginormous maze! Out of a gazillion stores, I pretty much spent an hour in the car ONE WAY with the kids so I could go to the same stores I would normally go to if I were in Pigeon Forge. What is that all about? Who does that? And to top it all off, I spent a disastrous hour looking for my car. MAZE. It was a disaster. But the girls were so awesome. No one complained about anything. Phoebe and Abby enjoyed riding on the little blue elephant, red choo choo train, yellow sports car and red fire engine rides we would happen upon while skipping from shop to shop. Abby walked. Cecilia slept the entire time. Phoebe smiled and giggled and played with Abby. And they both sipped on their little strawberry banana smoothie woothies. Abby coined that phrase…seems perfect to me. Needless to say, we are spending the entire day tomorrow doing Abby, Phoebe and Cecilia activities! The whole day!

Once I found my car, I really had to take a moment a laugh to myself…a quiet personal moment of inner embarrassment and humility and the success of finding my car after nearly having a panic attack was at last, funny. I was explaining to Greg when I got home exactly what we did for 5 hours and that most of the time was spent looking for my car with three strangely calm children in tow and with a mother who is definitely sweating and trying to concoct the best explanation of why exactly I cannot find my motor vehicle to a mall cop…luckily it didn’t come to that. I know, if my friend Karla could have been there with me, we would have laughed until we were in tears. Thankfully I have three awesome girls who see the bright side of most everything and who are enjoyable to be around.

Back to my original story about Abby and Phoebe playing together…I find utter joy in watching them run and hide in their little Dora tent waiting for Daddy to come scare and tickle them…their squeels are so intoxicating. Cecilia and I were watching the moment unveil from the doorway. There was a moment where Phoebe stuck her little head out of the tent and peaked around the corner to look for her Daddy…She jumped off the ground completely startled when he stuck his head over the tent with his ‘boogaloogaloo’. It was such a joyous moment. I was overwhelmed with love I almost cried. I was thankful I was able to be an outsider looking in on such a happy moment with our girls. Yet another moment of sentimental appreciation…

And then there is Cecilia. As I was drying her off after her bath tonight, her most favorite time of the day in case you were wondering. She was all about making eye contact and smiling and giggling. Just when I think I couldn’t love her anymore, she goes and does her thang! She is an amazing little girl. In the little time I have known her, she certainly has a little something that makes her extra special…I have no doubt we are all going to learn many things from this amazing little bundle of goodness. Maybe it’s the fact she may be our last child…I am really writing everything down and trying to breath in and soak up her yummy goodness! She is my little sidekick, we go everywhere together. I went to get my hair cut a couple of weeks ago and everyone wanted to see her. Everyone made such a big deal about sweet little Cecilia, I was beaming with pride. Everyone wanted to know who she gets her blue eyes from and commenting on her scrumptuous button nose and sweet cheeks. She put on quite a show for everyone too; showing off her smile and how big her little peepers get when you say something that has the letter s in it and giggling at the best times! ‘My cup runneth over’…I think that’s the quote…I am feeling it this season. I am thankful for my little moments I get with my family. How did I get so lucky?

Oh ‘Journey’ you with your ‘don’t stop believing’…..YES! Inside I am screaming to get up in this dark living room and rock it out! ROCK IT OUT!!! ‘…Strangers waiting…street lights people…some will win some will lose, some were born to sing the blues…hiding somewhere in the night…don’t stop believin, hold on to that feelin’. Yup. I am in it now. And then there’s Paul Simon…’I’m gonna watch you shine, gonna watch you grow gonna paint the sign so you’ll always know…there could never be a father who loved his daughter more than I love you…’ just the kind of father I always wanted for my girls…and luckily….thankfully I married him!

in it.

I am.

I am thankful this holiday season!

2 thoughts on “SEVENTEEN…this holiday season

  1. Well – you give me too much credit. I probably would have gotten mad at you for losing the car (like I did with my Mom when she lost the car in the airport parking lot – did I tell you that story?) Then I would have felt guilty and begged your forgiveness. THEN we would have laughed.
    Your family is too beautiful, Angie Beth! They are ALL photogenic!

    • Very funny. That’s probably exactly how it would have gone down. I would have forgiven you for getting mad by the way and probably would have insisted on buying you a margarita to officially make up for my goof!

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