EIGHTEEN…what are we doing to our kids?

sweet heart…our power went out at the beach house tonight. It was super windy and rainy all day…we should have seen this coming. Greggy went to pick up a movie and of course like clockwork, 5 minutes after he left, the power went off. It kept going on and off 4 times very fast until finally, it stayed off. Abby came out of our bedroom and said, “the lights are going crazy mamma”…Cecilia and I were both a little nervous so I asked Abby if she wanted to sit with us until the lights stopped ‘going crazy’. I used my phones LCD screen to check on Phoebe (who was sleeping) and try to find a candle or a flashlight. I found a candle and brought it to the living room for us to use. I must say I was very surprised at the amount of light coming from the candle…quite impressive and definately something to ponder.

Abby…she had to go to the bathroom so I walked with her and lighted the way… where she had an accident. It’s been happening a lot lately. Potty accidents. Abby’s stream shoots straight out and soaks her little panties and of course the floor. Daddy was right. She looked up at me with those enormous big blues and asked me if I was ‘d’ppointed’ in her? A moment which truly broke my heart. Of course I took advantage of the moment to give her lots of hugs and kisses and reassure her that I was not ‘disappointed’ in her for peeing on her panties. My sweet girl.

Greg brought Abby to the beach today on his lunch break. They went skim boarding. Again, it was super windy and rainy most of the day…but during lunch hour there was a break in the cloud…perfect skim boarding weather!!!

When they came back Greggy told me that Abby has been doing this thing…which kind of reminds him of, well…me. My first instinct was to laugh…until he said, “I want to tell you but I am afraid I will hurt your feelings.” Hmmm. What’s this? Is there something my husband doesnt like about me??? He doesnt think Im perfect? Is that legal? Do I torture and agonize myself with dramatic self introspection? WHY NOT? I beg him to tell me…I will spare you the fat and go straight to the meat of the matter….(ha fat and meat of the matter) she wants someone to empathize with her”. My thought then became…so it’s not that we ‘eventually’ become our parents, but maybe that we are our parents right from the very beginning, but a more fun and naive version of our parents at that young age.

Just a theory. I’m working on it.

The Passing down of parental issue that is.

4 thoughts on “EIGHTEEN…what are we doing to our kids?

  1. i know the whole “lights going out on you at the perfect time…i.e. no adult to help you herd in the kids, help them feel safe and find your way through the dark to pee”
    nice post!
    miss you guys

  2. Again, love this blog too! I have definitely become “my mother” and Ava, in turn, is most like me. I am convinved it’s because I stayed home with her the longest and had the most time to “mold” her into a little mini-me…not sure if that is a good thing or not…LOL, but in each child, I see positive and negative traits of both their father and I…interesting and amazing little creatures they are ! They never cease to amaze…I miss being a SAHM : (

  3. And I, too, have had the lights go out and have tried to be the HEROINE when I, myself, am terrified as well…ugh…But, on the bright side, candles rock!

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