SIXTEEN…I want my own personal life soundtrack

Vampire Weekend…another righteous band! I was driving to Knoxville with Miss Cecilia the other day and Vampire Weekend came on….I went from an, ‘I’m barely awake moment’ to an, ‘I want to dance out of my skin moment’. I get so giddy inside when I hear a song with a good beat, nice melody and talented lyrics. A smile plasters itself on my face and I want to call someone. I turn the song up a little louder!!! Cecilia and I get our groove on in the car. She likes my music.

I see her face in this picture and I am thinking she is thinking…’oh no…here goes that crazy lady who gets in my face with her face, puts her nose up to my mouth and takes a deep inhalating breath, constantly kisses my face and asks me questions I can’t possibly answer at this stage in my life…WHO IS THIS WOMAN???

OH NO…Inner dialogue moment….

Momma: HA! I’m yo MOMMA!!!

Momma: Welcome to your abnormal family….

Cecilia: Say What?? You can’t be my momma! I specifically ordered a momma who was normal! I want to speak to the manager…

Daddy: Yes Ceci, how can I help you?

Cecilia: Oh wow, you look like a lot of fun…ANYWAY, I will cut right to the chase, this lady is trying to tell me she is my momma…

Daddy: Oh ok…I see the problem. You’ll have to overlook some of her….uniqueness. She does strange things sometimes, because she loves you. Just hang with me and your sisters, you’ll be alright.

Forgive me…I got carried away in trying to match facial expressions of family members with inner dialogue…it was fun and then the song changed. Gosh darn you Phoenix….there’s just no room for silly inner dialogue with your Lisztomanias!

So back to my original thought that prompted all of this strangeness, a good beat. I wish I could have a soundtrack to coincide with our lives. I wish there was constant music in the background. My day might be a little bit more spontaneous. Granted spontaneity might fly out the window when you enter kids into the picture, but within a framework {otherwise known as ____________(insert scary word) ‘schedule’} I think there is room for spontaneous eruptions. Breaking into a mid-day jig does wonders for toddlers who don’t want to share or say, toddlers who are generally having a tough day. Mid-day dance session can really bring about a sense of ‘togetherness’ and ease those ‘I lost my baby giraffe blues.’

Everyone deserves their own soundtrack. I think this picture calls for another Phoenix rendition of ‘too young’.

Of course this one is Devandra Banhart, ‘baby’…

WIthout a doubt we have to label this one ‘The W.A.N.D.’ by none other than the Flaming Lips…clearly! Way to challenge authority Cecilia!

and this one would bring on a little…well this is just weird. There probably wouldn’t be any song that would reflect the inner dialogue/life of this moment. What is that even doing in here?

My wish is for all those brainiacs at MIT to come up with something truly original and find a way for us to carry clouds over our heads that act as our own personal Pandora radio. The cloud would have songs to either interpret how we are feeling in that moment or would reflect our inner dialogue. Of course, this cloud Pandora personal radio which plays the soundtrack of our daily lives would be aware of societal norms and only play what’s really appropriate…heaven forbid I run into someone I am not particularly fond of on the street and my personal soundtrack starts playing the witch theme song from the wizard of oz. That would be very uncomfortable. For everyone.

Just a couple more days and we’ll be here…

doing this…

and this..

and a little bit of this…

And a whole lotta that!

The soundtrack for the above photos would be ‘youth’ by Beach Fossils of course!!!

I leave my faithful readers with one last thought (yes all four of you)…The English Beat ‘Save it for Later”…might be the theme song to my life for the year 2011. Just FYI. Either that or The Flaming Lips ‘She don’t use Jelly’ or Maybe Janes Addiction ‘Been Caught Steeling’. Either way you play it, there are phrases in each song, that perfectly represent the perfect soundtrack that is my life in 2011.

No…it is definately English Beat ‘Save it for Later’…’Sooner or later your legs give way, you hit the ground…two dozen other stupid reasons why we should suffer for this… don’t bother trying to explain them, just hold my hand while I come to a decision on it’.

There is one more song I would like to put with a picture…bear with me…bare with me which is it?

I would like to label this picture ‘night timing’ by Coconut Records…she is upset with me because she believes someone (Cecilia) has taken her cuddle spot at night…’You’ve been night timing baby, it’s starting to show. You’ve been night timing baby, everyone knows…’

So Sad.

3 thoughts on “SIXTEEN…I want my own personal life soundtrack

  1. very fun to read!
    get your song on baby and enjoy the warm weather
    when you guys get back i bet we will have snow!
    the anderson’s will miss the spranger’s
    keep us
    POSTED 🙂

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