THIRTEEN…the horse

I am consumed with love for the band ‘Beach Fossils’. I cannot get enough of this band. Every time a song ends, I want to hear it again. AND the next song is just as effective as the previous one.

I am so effected by music. If I am sad or in a down mood, pop in some Beach Fossils or Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros and VOILA…all is better! I like a lot of other bands as well, but I am stuck on a Beach Fossils kick on Pandora right now. It just calms me down and pumps me up. I was just listening to ‘the horse’ and I was magically transported to a quiet secluded beach where our kids were running free in their swim suits and I just laid on the beach and watched them as they played in the water and built sand castles. And then the song ends and I open my eyes and find I am standing in my kitchen while the kids are painting bird houses on the porch and watching it rain outside. BLAH!

Thursday came quick this week. That can only mean Christmas is right around the corner. Soon it will be 2012. Now is the time to tell myself to breath and ‘live in the moment’.

This little girl needs some decent shades. We are headed to florida in a week and we need to protect her little eyes and she needs to have her Florida look going on! These are too big. She keeps knocking them off with her hands. And she doesn’t like the shape. She’s into the more rectangle shaped ones. I get it. That’s her thing. Makes sense.

I have two little girls who are having birthdays this week…Miss Abby turns 5 and Miss Phoebe turns 2. Saturday and Sunday. I told myself, since I have a 3 month old, it was ok I didn’t plan a birthday party with friends this year. We are just doing a small family get together…but I am actually a little disappointed. It is so much fun to see both girls getting excited to play with friends. I am second guessing my decision.

Soon this will be our reality!!! Even if it’s only for 2 weeks…it’s still better than cold rainy weather…and we can all be outside together walking with our feet in the warm sand, hearing the ocean waves crash, smelling that wonderful salty air, seeing our kids wear themselves out playing for hours on end! EEK!!! What could be better than that? Man I am all over the place today…

She thinks the sunglasses look best on Phoebe. But Phoebe doesn’t like them either. I guess they’re going to Abby. Cecilia wants the purple ones.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

1 thought on “THIRTEEN…the horse

  1. cute
    have fun in the sun
    happy birthday to my two little girls who i adore!!
    maybe when you get back if the holidays don’t get the best of us
    we can celebrate with some of their friends….aka. jack, logan, and tatum…
    i see CECE in blue

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