EIGHT…busy days

I am itching to get my hands into something…

yesterday afternoon I took the girls to the park. We sat out in the sun, had a picnic, played with toys and  managed to snap some photos. It was a great day.

I was really looking forward to knitting last night, but someone was SUPER hungry. By the time I finally got Miss Cecilia to sleep, I was too tired to knit.

I did get a chance to dump my pix on the comp. I was anxious to see if there were any goodies in the bunch…and there were a few.

Here we are on Thursday and once again I am in a mad rush to ‘stick to the schedule’.



Vacuum and girls rooms…check, check.


Clean clothes put away…ha!

The one thing that holds me up every single time…actually putting away clean clothes. I don’t mind laundry. I don’t mind folding. It’s the putting away part that bugs me so much.

All the toys have been put away and everything for the next 4 hours will remain in it’s place. By 3 o’clock, everything will be pulled out again, food on the floor and naked dolls strewn about once again.

By the time we get ready for bed, I will be looking at my house and wondering what I did all day?

Miss Phoebe enjoying her lunch outside. I hope the girls remember these picnics because in a month or so they will be non-existent.

Letting mommy take advantage of her ‘stillness’. And below miss Cecilia is taking her afternoon catnap…she enjoys being warmed by the suns rays!

I am so stirred up inside.

I have a lot to do and find myself getting overwhelmed by the amount that is on my plate. Balancing ‘have to’s’ with ‘want to’s’. It’s tough. I need to remind myself to calm down and ‘live in the moment’!


Hula girl…she is pretty awesome with that thing!

AND that pretty much concludes my post on this dreary Thursday afternoon…I have lots to do today!!!

Busy, busy, busy!!!

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