SIX…feeling inspired by fall

oh we had a blast in Michigan with our relatives!


it was absolutely beautiful!

Fall truly inspires me to get more in touch with my creative side. I was inspired by my surroundings and made a conscious effort to take snapshots of some of the things that were inspiring to me.

the sweetness of life


overlooked anglesIMG_1436

long forever winding roadsIMG_1340

red leavesIMG_1215

solitary winding pathsIMG_1365

falling sticks and leavesIMG_1460

toys spread out on the floorIMG_1479

the sky peeking through the branches and leaves of treesIMG_0644

the textures of everyday lifeIMG_1498

empty swings hanging from a tree begging to be usedIMG_1415

sweet little feetIMG_1591

bright orange leaves against a bright blue skyIMG_0672

Brilliant and vibrant oranges, yellows, greens and brownsIMG_0178

leaves on the ground lining the sidewalksIMG_0451

naked dogs wearing tutu’s around their necks…

my beautiful children having a blast outside in an enormous leaf pile created by Grandpa


beautiful sweet smelling sleeping babies…taking long afternoon catnaps


These are just a few things I am inspired by in this wonderful season!!!IMG_1306

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