FOUR…retail therapy

There’s a reason for the phrase ‘retail therapy’.

I am one of the reasons that phrase exists.

My motto in life: If your sad get your nails done, color/cut your hair, buy a new shirt, pants and pair of shoes. Voila…instant gratification’!  I went on a mini spree today not knowing what I was looking for, but finding EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Nice! I love it when that happens! Cause it usually doesn’t happen with me.

After we rushed the girls off to their MDO program, Miss Cecilia and I went looking for clothes for Abby…being the oldest and tallest and with the weather forever changing, she is in constant need.

BUT today ended up being more about mommy than Abby.

I am ok with that!

Although I did purchase her some rockin cowgirl boots! So excited! She really has her very own style.

About a year ago, I chopped all of her hair off revealing the knock out face and she really got into wearing princess dresses…really dresses of any kind. I must say, she’s a girl who knows just what she likes!

But like I wrote, today was all about MOMMA!!! I haven’t bought myself anything due to the ‘in-between’ sizes…BUT I am drowning in my pregnancy clothes and my pre-pregnancy clothes are still VERY SNUG!!

So, Jeans and some new lotion to the rescue!!! Also…and this is a key piece of the puzzle…today I visited one of my most favorite stores…

I have to backtrack…

one year ago I was doing some Christmas shopping in Pigeon Forge. I came across the most amazing puffer vest I have ever laid eyes on…with cool little toggles. The vest was destined to be mine…ALL MINE!!! But because it was the season of ‘giving’ I couldn’t really justify ‘giving’ myself a hefty $85 dollar gift.

I was sad…and have thought about my decision the whole year….REGRETTING every minute of it.

Fast forward to my amazing shopping experience today…I visited one of my most favorite store, the same one from Christmas and there before my very eyes was the puffer vest…AND it was on SALE!!!!! MINE!!! That’s all I can say!!! EEK!!! Very exciting to have something new!

I feel much better. I sure wish my retail ‘partner in crime’ was with me!!! We can really tear it up can’t we girl! You know who you are! Missed you today Jana!!!

Sweet Sassy Abby in her princess dress talking with Cecilia…

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