THREE…sleeping babies


I love to peak on my girls when they are sleeping. They each look so different to me. And now I am going to let my freak flag fly high, I really love to get down close to their faces and smell their breaths.

Looking at Abby, I feel as if I get a glimpse of what she will look like three years from now. Her beautiful lily white skin with her pink cheeks and those full naturally red lips…so delicate yet so in your face.

I am able to see he with her mouth closed at least once during the day. Definitely a rare moment in this house. This little girl loves life. She explores her environment with everything she has. She touches everything, brings things to her nose so she can breathe in their inherent goodness, she is almost willing to taste any food at least once assuming her daddy and I aren’t pestering her to eat it, and she watches very intently with those beautiful blue eyes, and unfortunately for the two adults in the house she HEARS everything!

We have begun catching Howard Stern reruns at night. the phrase that best suits Abby is this: she wakes up talking and doesn’t stop until she falls asleep. The truth is, I am envious of her zest and energy for life. I could use more of that!


Then there’s Phoebe. Right from the start this little girl has been a great sleeper. Greg and I used to joke that she slept the firstyear of her life away. It certainly felt like it anyway. She sleeps exactly how she lives..purposefully and with her whole body! she is beautiful in every way.

Physically she had me in the palm of her hand with her cuddly little body, her sweet round face, those enormous hazel/green eyes, big red poutty lips and sweet pink cheeks.

I have a saying about all of our kids that deals with old school real sugar bubble gum and chewing them on my back teeth to get all those yummy flavors out…really letting the freak flag fly now! She has a sweet sensitive side about her…she really tries to savor things.

For instance, in the morning she wants to hang on just a little bit longer to the early morning hug, before life gets too busy, she really enjoys food and will linger around before and after mealtime to make sure she has sampled everything on the menu, she breaks down at the slightest raise in pitch when communicating with her, she’s careful and deliberate in her choices and if you give her space to let her make her own decisions, she’ll love you with everything she’s got!

Sweet Cecilia…the third girl. The baby sister.

The new ‘squeaker beeker’…she squeeks just like her big sister Phoebe did. Her arms are out from her body as are her little legs…it looks almost as if she might melt into the mattress. Mouth wide open with that sweet baby breath.

She longs to be held, cuddled, cooed to, sung to. Recently she’s all about smiling and laughing. Just another way she is making me fall in love with her!

I love my sleeping babies!

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